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The Bill Gates globalist vaccine depopulation agenda… as revealed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The engineering and release of the coronavirus bioweapon was designed to accomplish two things: 1) Crash the global economy and achieve widespread starvation and depopulation, and 2) Corral the masses into vaccine mandates to achieve what the establishment literally calls “herd immunity” … because you and I are nothing but cattle to them. The Wuhan coronavirus, which we now know was engineered by the very same Wuhan laboratory that was receiving millions of dollars in NIH funding under the Obama administration, is the ultimate dream of depopulation globalists like Bill Gates, as well as his sock puppets Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx who have staged a Big Pharma coup at the White House. This is why it’s now crucial for humanity to take a stand against the Big Pharma criminal cartel and reject mandatory vaccines. It’s time to arrest and prosecute all those engaged in the “death science” industry that’s the real agenda behind the vaccine industry front. Read more....



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