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The Bitter Price of Tropical Fruits

Sweet, healthy and delicious, and inexpensive to boot, pineapples are one of the world's most desired fruits. On average, the world eats more than 26,000 tons of pineapples each year.  But hidden beneath their low-price tag lies an industry riddled with heavy pesticide use, water pollution, deforestation and the exploitation of farmworkers, who are forced to work in risky conditions and for low wages. The dark side of the pineapple industry is rooted in Costa Rica, the world leader in pineapple production, producing more than 6.4 million pounds each year.  The featured film, "The Bitter Price of Tropical Fruits," produced by Arne Lorenz and Petra Pommerenke, explores the true cost of Costa Rica's pineapple production, revealing how large-scale producers use pesticides and cheap labor to maximize their profits.  Read more...



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