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The cruel truth about glioblastoma: Doctors still have no way to treat the most aggressive type of brain cancer that killed John McCain, Beau Biden and Ted Kennedy

Senator John McCain has died after a 10-month battle with the most aggressive form of brain cancer.  The 80-year-old Arizona politician was diagnosed with glioblastoma in July 2017, after being hospitalized for a blood clot just behind his left eye.  Tests on the clot revealed it was glioblastoma, which kills 90 percent of sufferers within about two years.  It is the same form of aggressive brain cancer that took the lives of Joe Biden's son Beau in May 2015, and Senator Ted Kennedy in August 2009.  Doctors describe glioblastoma as 'highly malignant' because it evades all forms of treatment modern medicine has to offer.  Read more...



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