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The four horsemen of the COVID-19 pandemic

It is clear that we must prioritize identifying and alleviating the conditions that made the Covid-19 pandemic possible. Even as it rages, scientists are already asking if it is more than just a virus, but rather a symptom emerging from something much deeper, a nonlinear dynamical system of coupled pathologies underlying a veneer of "progress" in an increasingly fragile, volatile, hyperconnected world. A new article by Kang Hao Cheong and Michael C. Jones published in BioEssays describes the convergence of four broad, but easily identifiable systemic, pathologically networked conditions, or "four Horsemen," that are hurtling civilization towards potential self-destruction in which a pandemic is only one of many possible triggers. The "four Horsemen" of overpopulation, globalization, hyperconnectivity and increasingly limited and centralized supply chains are the broad parameters underlying the probability space of catastrophe.  Read more...



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