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The Paradox of Ultraprocessed Foods

If your diet isn’t made up of fresh, whole foods, you’re doing it wrong. Not surprisingly, a recent study found that ultraprocessed foods cause weight gain. People who eat a lot processed food consume more calories (and sugar) compared to those who eat a fresh, whole food diet, which ultimately leads to weight gain. The study included 10 men and 10 women who lived at the NIH’s Clinical Center in in Bethesda, Maryland, for 28 days. Their meals were provided by investigators with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease.  For the first two weeks, half the participants ate an ultraprocessed diet, made up of foods like turkey bacon, sweetened Greek yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, baked potato chips and chicken salad made with canned chicken — foods that some may consider reasonably healthy options. The remaining participants ate a minimally processed diet that included meats and fish, whole fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts and oatmeal. For the second two weeks, the participants switched diets.  Researchers found that when participants were eating an ultraprocessed diet, they overate on average more than 500 calories a day, which led to weight gain and body fat gain.  Read more....



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