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The perfect coffee – fair trade and sustainable

Germans love coffee, and the country doesn't really wake up without it. But is it sustainably produced and fairly traded? Not really. This documentary investigates efforts to improve the situation. One of the new coffee traders with a conscience is Xaver Kitzinger. Together with his African partners of the Rwandan coffee cooperative "Dukundekawa Musasa," he's aiming to improve the lot of local coffee growers. The cooperative is unique because only women work there. The beans are roasted in Rwanda, so that income goes back into the local economy. In 2018, Kitzinger and his crew imported 11 thousand kilograms of coffee from Rwanda to Germany. Usually, a container ship transports the commodity to Europe. Now, Cornelius Bockermann wants to change that. He is the captain of the "Avontuur," which regularly carries coffee beans to Germany. Nearly 100 years old, it is the first German sailing ship to bring cargo regularly from all around the world to Europe in the modern day. Because it is driven by the wind, the ship is quiet, and runs without fossil fuels. Its carbon dioxide emissions are 90 percent lower than conventional vessels. One of the recipients of the shipment is Aaron Li Küppers. He runs Hamburg's "Teikei Café" with his father. Together they serve up coffee with a conscience in recyclable cups and reinvest their profits in new fair-trade and sustainable projects.



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