Girl Planting seeds

The robots weeding organic farms and patrolling for greenhouse pests

Robots that use artificial intelligence to recognise the health of fruit and vegetable crops and when they're ready to harvest are being trialled to help small, organic and greenhouse farmers with weeding and patrolling for pests.  These robots can take on arduous tasks and help farmers save time. By spotting disease or pests early on, they can help cut down on the use of pesticides and reduce plant losses. In Europe, land for agriculture is shrinking in part because of urbanisation. Meanwhile, there is a need for greener and more sustainable food production that uses fewer agrichemicals, which are costly and can pollute waterways. Alternatives to industrial monocrop farming include small and organic farms, market gardens—which sell produce directly to consumers or restaurants—as well as commercial greenhouses. But small farmers struggle with back-breaking manual work. And the machinery companies that make the expensive machines for large farms to sow and harvest single crops have traditionally ignored the needs of smaller growers. Read more....



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