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The Science is NOT Settled!

We are experiencing a meteoric rise in childhood chronic diseases including neurodevelopmental disabilities, learning and behavioral problems, autism, immunological disorders including autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma and ectopic conditions, gastrointestinal and reproductive disorders. Importantly, the trajectory of the increased incidence of all of these diseases has tracked parallel with the rising number of doses of vaccines added to the childhood schedule over the last 60 years.  People my age born in the 1950’s, received up to 8 doses of vaccines by age 18. Now, kids get 72 doses, with 36 of those doses by 18 MONTHS of age! And, those 36 doses contain an enormous amount of aluminum, a potent neurotoxin (5,280 micrograms to be exact), along with many other chemicals and drugs. At some “well-visits”, children may get up to as many as 8 doses of vaccines at once! All of this is complete insanity!  Read more.....



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