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The serendipitous discovery of a new green chemistry method

Dr. Petri Turhanen was working on a synthesis of a modified version of the biological molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), when he discovered that the cation exchange resin he was using was unintentionally producing another molecule. Closer investigation revealed that the molecule had been iodinated, meaning an iodine atom had been added. This specific reaction is challenging to perform using current synthesis techniques, which often rely on toxic and hazardous chemicals and rough reaction conditions.  As an environmental crisis looms, reducing our impact on the planet becomes more pertinent than ever. You may find reassurance in making conscientious lifestyle choices, but for many there's a problem which is hard to ignore: what about the less visible use of resources? What about the waste and the transportation that occur at the industrial level—those processes which provide us with medicines, cosmetics and other products?  Managing the environmental impact of these processes often falls under the remit of 'green chemistry," the concept of designing chemical processes with minimal impact on the environment. The demand for technological solutions is increasing, and the hope is that we humans can reduce our dependence on harmful and non-renewable resources, and limit hazardous by-products of industry, while maintaining or improving on our current quality of life.  Read more.....



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