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The Suffocating Truth About Air Pollution

When you’re walking your dog, strolling through the park or making your way down the street to grab a bite to eat, do you give any thought to the air you’re breathing? Nearly 95% of the world live in areas where pollution levels are higher than deemed safe by the World Health Organization, and data show air pollution caused 8.8 million premature deaths in 2015. Whether you realize it or not, air pollution is a major problem, and 45 families in the U.K. set out to show you just how serious it is.  The families participated in a project with the University of Sheffield in Yorkshire to monitor the quality of the air they breathed on their journey to school each day. Each family was giving a monitoring device and carried it with them as they walked, biked or drove to the school to drop off their children. The study showed some alarming results: On their way to school each week, some children are breathing in so much polluted air, it’s equivalent to almost a full pack of cigarettes.  Read more....



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