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The Ugly Face of Beauty: Is Child Labor The Foundation For Your Makeup?

Whether it’s being applied to our eyes, our faces, or our bodies in general, shimmery beauty products have been on the rise for decades. It may be less common to see sparkles all over people’s faces, but they’re still popular, especially the ones that claim to produce the illusion of a “natural glow.” And with the world’s latest obsession with “highlighter,” shimmery makeup is back in style and being applied to millions of people’s faces all over the world.  Not only are many of these products extremely toxic for our skin, but the way in which they’re made is unethical as well. Glittery products such as those produced by L’Oréal and Estée Lauder often require mica, which is typically mined in India. However, children as young as five work in these illegal mines in dangerous conditions. Read more....



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