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The wondrous life and mysterious death of Golden Eagle 1703

Little is known about what golden eagles do in the liminal years between leaving their parents’ nest and settling down to build a nest of their own. Each ping from 1703’s solar-powered GPS revealed a tiny part of the picture, offering a rare glimpse of an apex predator as it learned the ropes of the natural world. “It takes four or five years for them to reach maturity,” Lewis says, “and it’s unknown how long it actually takes them to then compete and get into the breeding population. So you have to follow a bird for years.” But now, staring at his computer screen on that January morning, Lewis could see that 1703’s location device was stationary in Sully county, South Dakota, and had been so for two days. “It was seeing the sun and talking to the satellites,” Lewis says, “but it wasn’t moving.”  Read more.....



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