Girl Planting seeds

This 1950s Video Demonstrates Where Best Food Comes From

"Where would we be without grass?" It's a question posed in the video above, titled "Grass: The Big Story," and released by the USDA circa 1950. Grass farming is emerging as necessary to rejuvenate the soil, produce high-quality food and remedy many of the environmental problems caused by industrial agriculture, but while it's sometimes viewed as a trendy movement, its benefits have been known for decades.  It's a prime example of "what's old is new again," in that raising cows on pasture has always been the best method of food production. "I don't think anyone can stay in this business anymore without good pasture. And it makes farming easy all around," one farmer said in the video. If more farmers had listened to this advice in the '50s, the U.S. would likely be in a far different state, environmentally.  Read more....



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