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This Compostable Bioplastic Bag Made From Fish Waste Won The James Dyson Award

A graduate from the University of Sussex has designed a material that turns fish waste into a useful packaging product that is also entirely compostable. Named MarinaTex, the substance is a bioplastic that uses fish waste to make unique sheet material that is both flexible and translucent. The invention has helped the designer Nancy Hughes pick up this year’s James Dyson Award. It is ideal for the packaging industry and has the potential to replace all of the plastic in everyday use. The material is made from a combination of red algae that is readily available locally, and fish waste that is otherwise incinerated or used as a landfill. It is an ideal alternative material for single-use plastic including containers for perishable foods and grocery bags.  It doesn’t require specialized disposable systems, and can decompose in domestic composts or waste bins within 4-6 weeks. Read more....



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