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This Deficiency Can Show Up in Your Mouth and Eyes

If you pay close enough attention, your body will let you know when something’s amiss. Case in point: symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B12 is vital for many functions throughout your body. It produces adrenal hormones, metabolizes folate, fat and carbohydrates, forms red blood cells, aids in iron absorption, helps ensure proper circulation, promotes reproductive health and supports nervous system function, among other things. Clearly, B12 is important. Yet people aren’t getting enough.  According to the USDA, nearly 40% of Americans have marginal B12 status and 9% are deficient. Vitamin B12 insufficiency and deficiency increase your risk of serious health problems, many of which mimic more serious neurological diseases and can easily lead to misdiagnosis and improper treatment.  Read more....



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