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This Futuristic Car Is Powered By Hydrogen And Only Lets Out Water

We’ve come a long way since we first started using hydrogen fuel cells to power cars. It was only about thirty years ago that they could be made small enough to be placed inside a car. Over time, they’ve become slightly more cost-effective and availability has increased, but these cars are still not in the mainstream. Manufacturing them is an expensive endeavor which can also get cumbersome.  But this hasn’t discouraged some people; and Riversimple, a Welsh manufacturer, decided to take these disadvantages as a challenge to make things better. The founder, Hugo Spowers, vowed to stop using petrol over a decade ago and since then he has been dedicated to manufacturing cars that are fueled by hydrogen. With his own hands, he designed and built the Rasa, a streamlined beauty that is only 40 kgs heavier than the battery of a Tesla Model S.  Read more.....



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