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Top 10 DUMBEST things people still do during the COVID-19 outbreak

Some people think they’ve found the “end all, be all” of advice every time they hear a nurse or doctor speak on the news, or some CDC or WHO “official” advice gets spewed onto their smart device like a contagious, infectious thought. These folks go and repeat, verbatim, what they heard, like it’s the holy grail of modern medicine theory, and then they go and make the biggest mistakes of their lives: They blast their immunity. What are you doing right now that’s entirely incapacitating your immune system? Do you even know? With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire around the globe, Americans with moderately-to-severely-compromised immune systems (2/3 of the population fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are “up in arms” and freaking out right and left (pardon the pun). If you listen to Big Pharma advice, you’re probably setting yourself up for a morphing virus that’s new and highly unpredictable. Don’t be stupid, folks. Here are 10 of the dumbest things people are still doing (or contemplating doing) during the COVID outbreak.



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