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Toxic Flame Retardants Can Spread From Your Electronics To Your Hands, Study Warns

Amid all the worry about the spread of viruses, a new study says there’s another dangerous substance you should want to keep off your hands. Researchers from the University of Toronto say toxic chemicals, which are commonly used as flame retardants, can move from your television to the air and dust in your home. From there, those particles can end up on a person’s hands and be spread further by touching other devices like a cell phone. Halogenated flame retardants have been added to television cases since the 1970s. Researchers say these chemicals were added to older TVs because of the fire risk these devices had. Back in the ’70s, a cathode ray tube would have to be warmed so the TV could project the images on its screen. This process ended up setting hundreds of TVs on fire, prompting companies to add flame retardants to the mix. Read more...



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