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Toxic reality of trendy 'harmless' e-cigarettes

Supposedly '95 per cent safer than smoking', promoted as a shortcut to quitting and offered in an array of flavours (bubblegum or cola, anyone?), it's no surprise vaping — smoking e-cigarettes — is now a popular alternative to lighting up.  These hand-held, battery-operated devices simulate smoking a cigarette by heating a liquid (in a refillable tank or sealed pod). This generates a nicotine vapour, which is then inhaled.  Some three million people in the UK now vape, according to 2017 figures — up from 700,000 five years before. Many feel it is better for them and those around them, without the smell of smoke. However, as a professor of clinical epidemiology who has spent 30 years promoting health, I am disturbed by the uncritical support for vaping from Public Health England, part of the Department of Health.  Read more...



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