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Toxic water: Scientists are concerned about the increasing number of dangerous chemicals in our environment

We live in a time where we have all manner of modern conveniences, but many of them are proving to come with a huge trade-off. For example, the substances that can help our fabrics resist stains and repel water and keep food from sticking to our pans are a godsend from a cleaning point of view, but scientists are growing increasingly concerned about the presence of this family of chemicals in our water and environment.  These dangerous fluorochemicals chemicals, known collectively as PFAS., can be found in a lot of unexpected places. While you might already be aware that you should avoid nonstick coatings on pans, did you know that the same chemicals line your pizza boxes and fast food wrappers to keep grease from soaking through? Are you aware that they are most likely in your water supply, particularly if you live even remotely close to places where firefighting foams have been used? They’re on your furniture, they’re on your electronics and wires, and they’re in the dust in your home. In other words, they’re everywhere – and they never break down.  Read more...



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