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Unexpected CFC emissions from China last year ‘could delay ozone recovery’

Unexpected CFC-11 emissions from China last year could delay the recovery of the ozone layer by as much as 18 years if the problem continues unabated. In 2018, scientists reported a large, inexplicable spike in the emissions of the banned gas in the atmosphere – investigators from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) traced these emissions back to the illegal production and use of CFC-11 in the polyurethane foam sector in China. In total, 18 Chinese companies confirmed they were using CFC-11 as a blowing agent for the manufacture of insulating foams. A new study suggests 830,000 tonnes of CFC-11 stored in foam products created up until 2017 could have a warming effect equivalent of almost four billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and warns this is likely to leak into the environment. Read more.....



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