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Using industrial waste as insulation for buildings

ETH spinoff FenX transforms industrial waste into a porous foam suitable for building insulation. Unlike other sustainable materials used for the purpose, this type of insulation is non-flammable and inexpensive to produce.  No sooner does one of the four young men come up with the idea than they all start blowing up colourful balloons in their lab and tying them to silk threads. They wrap the other end of the thread around a white block that is shaped like a sponge and has the consistency of chalk. "It's as light as a meringue," says Etienne Jeoffroy, taking his hands off the block to show that it's lightweight enough for the balloons to lift it.  The block is in fact a sample of insulation material, and the four scientists are the founders of a start-up named FenX that has developed a process for producing this material from industrial waste. Not only is their product lightweight, it is also non-flammable and produced sustainably.  Read more....



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