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Vaccine Ethics and Children: With COVID-19, Science Has Completely Lost Its Way

COVID-19 science should have set a new standard for vaccine safety research. Instead, it has lowered the bar. Hear this well: COVID-19 vaccines are not – and never were – a fait accompli. Unless the science being conducted on COVID-19 vaccines is held to the normative standards for ethical clinical research, no ethical physician, parent, or politician should support their general use – regardless of ACIP, CDC, WHO and AMA, AAP and FDA expected rubber-stamp recommendations.  The regulatory system we have is fatally flawed and must be replaced with one free from profit motive.  I call this Plan B, and I and my supporters will from this day make every effort to insure these obsolete and captured organizations’ impairment of bona fide evidence-based medicine in the US and abroad is brought to an end. Read more....



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