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Vaccine Officials are Ensuring Compliance While Ignoring Contraindications

With SB 276‘s recent passage, California’s governor, legislators and public health community have signaled their intent to proceed with a full-bore assault on medically vulnerable children. The legislation skillfully puts the squeeze on vaccine medical exemptions by placing government bureaucrats (rather than doctors) in charge of the decision and only allowing a small number of contraindications that do not even include “the potential adverse reactions the vaccine manufacturers themselves disclose in package inserts under federal law.”  Officials’ misplaced emphasis on compliance at all costs is plain to see on the CDC’s vaccine “contraindications and precautions” web page, which tells health providers that it is “critical” to use “every opportunity to administer appropriate vaccines.” The CDC also warns clinicians not to “misperceive certain conditions or circumstances as valid contraindications or precautions to vaccination when they actually do not preclude vaccination,” and it instructs them not to bother with routine clinical procedures such as temperature-taking but instead to rely on eyeballing when deciding whether there is any reason not to vaccinate.  Read more....



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