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Vaping additive blamed for outbreak produces 'exceptionally toxic' byproducts

The threat of vape lung seems to have receded to the distant past now that we are all facing the coronavirus, but new research has shed light on the nature of that much more limited epidemic. It turns out vitamin E acetate, the vape fluid additive until now merely associated with lung damage, converts into a toxic chemical cocktail when heated.  That vitamin E acetate is not healthy to inhale is not a surprise; the chemical, which essentially had been used to dilute THC oil in cheap aftermarket vape cartridges, was associated with lung damage in several studies cited by the CDC. But at the time it was more correlative than causative information — the oil was found in the lung tissues of those suffering from vape lung, but there was no proven mechanism for harm. Now work from researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons, in Dublin, has shown that vitamin E acetate’s effects are not limited to sticking around in the lungs and gumming up operations there. Read more...



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