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What Cleaning Products Can Be Mixed?

In this time when many are seeking ways to disinfect their homes to avoid infection with COVID-19 and flu, some may be tempted to mix cleaning chemicals. Stress from the lack of disinfectants on grocery store shelves is compounded by daily headlines referencing the number who are infected or who have died from either of the viruses. It’s important to stay focused on what you can do to reduce your potential risk for infection. Cleaning surfaces at home and frequently washing your hands are two essential strategies, as you work to build your immune system to ward off any infection. The COVID-19 virus, also named SARS-CoV-2, is encased in a lipid envelope, which means it's a single strand of RNA wrapped in a bubble of fatty molecules. This makes it, and others like it, highly susceptible to soaps and disinfectants. This is good, since you may only have soap and elbow grease at home at the moment.  Read more....



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