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Worried about Trump saying something about injecting disinfectants? You do the same thing every time you get a flu shot with mercury (thimerosal) in it

Recently, every American suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome pounced on the POTUS gaffe about injecting disinfectants, but not a single person who did has given one ounce of thought to the fact that nearly everyone who gets their beloved yearly flu shot is doing just that – injecting disinfectant. If the CDC were to tell them that injecting Lysol was “safe and effective” for fighting COVID, you can bet they’d all run to the clinic right away, without doing any research or doubting it for even a split second. If you tell anyone who bows down to the CDC that they’re brainwashed, they get defensive immediately and call you a conspiracy theorist, but the CDC has been corrupt and criminal from inception. Mercury is still used in influenza vaccines today (think multi-dose vials), despite the fact that it’s the most lethal non-radioactive element on earth. That’s why it’s listed on the vaccine insert as thimerosal (50 percent mercury), so the brainwashed, mind-numbed sheeple won’t think twice.  Read more.....



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